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Employment contracts Essay

A work contract is made between a business and representative where the business consents to offer a compensation as a byproduct of the worker performing obligations. The motivation behind an agreement of work is to draw up rules and guidelines concerning the rights, commitments and conditions between a business and worker. It by and large expresses the connection between the two gatherings. Any break of agreement by any side isn't adequate by law. Authoritative privileges regularly include: †¢ Amount of pay and when it is paid †¢ Type of business: regardless of whether it is impermanent or fixed. †¢ Hours of work †¢ Notice period †¢ Disciplinary guidelines †¢ Pension benefits Kinds OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS Here are the four most basic kinds of work found in the Maldives. †¢Permanent business is usually found in the open segment where benefit and misfortune are not extremely huge. Also, this sort of business typically gives work ensure all through the representatives working life †¢Temporary business encourages organizations to oversee costs all the more adequately as representatives are relied upon to leave the association after a specific timeframe †¢Zero-hour contracts are increasingly adaptable as a business pays just for the hours that have really been worked and doesn't determine a particular measure of hours †¢In an independently employed agreement an individual is asked to a vocation yet on the premise that they are doing it as though they are maintaining their own business. They need to sift through their own National Insurance, charge, debilitated compensation and occasion pay. Overseeing EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE Overseeing worker execution is critical to ensure that set targets are reliably being met in a viable and productive manner. Examination frameworks in an association are intended to propel and encourageâ employees to perform as well as could be expected. Targets are set by the business which will later be assessed at the survey meeting. At that point the objectives will be estimated against what has been accomplished by the worker and a choice will be made on how well the representative has performed. Some of the time, self-evaluation frameworks are likewise actualized where the workers dissect their own exhibition by setting themselves individual focuses to accomplish. Self-evaluation causes representatives to oversee and build their own presentation making them increasingly roused in the work environment. The subsequent strategy used to oversee worker execution is connecting prizes to execution. Bosses can offer either fiscal or non-money related awards to urge representatives to work more enthusiastically. Cautiously checking worker execution is imperative to guarantee that ideal outcomes have been accomplished. Giving a prize for execution is just powerful if the correct results are accomplished.

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Program management Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Program the executives - Article Example PMO additionally helps in the improvement of the undertaking achievement rates in an association because of the fuse of aptitudes and ability in the administration of ventures and guarantees normalization of tasks over the association. The article goes further to give the two models of PMO; consultative and concentrated PMO limits and gives the other bit of leeway of PMO as expanding worker profitability through effective asset distribution in an association. The sort of PMO to be executed in an association relies upon the way of life and the progressions and advantages that the association targets accomplishing inside a specified time prompting the requirement for customization and tolerance for a PMO office that bring about expanded main concern results, consumer loyalty, and asset usage (Santosus, 2013). The article is valuable in helping the advancement of PMO through giving the advantages of having PMO, the methodologies to present PMO in an association, the difficulties that are looked by a PMO, and the abilities and aptitude that the PMO brings to the association. The article investigates differed factors for the decision of PMO model to actualize contingent upon the components inborn in the association permitting associations to have a superior understanding when creating PMO. The article likewise helps in building up the PMO due work of results from organizations that have actualized the improvement giving organizations a benchmark for their requirements and aftereffects of a

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Health Organization Paper free essay sample

At Parker Memorial Hospital we emphatically trust in completing our crucial qualities proclamations. As per Buchbinder and Shanks (2007), the strategic an association is the suffering mission statement and distinguishes what the association does, whom it serves and how it does it. What's more, the worth proclamation, To be the perceived medicinal services supplier and business of decision, characterizes the organization’s culture. We accept that Parker Memorial Hospital, the countries first emergency clinic, has a duty to: Ensure access to predominant quality coordinated medicinal services for our locale and extend access for underserved populaces inside the network. Make a steady group condition for patients, representatives, and clinical staff. Encourage learning and development through extensive scholastic and instructive connections. Display stewardship and inventiveness in the administration of every accessible asset there are numerous issues confronting social insurance associations. The issues have influenced medicinal services in the nation adversely. Nature of care has become a significant issue in the nation. This is on the grounds that perishing patients and different patients don't get the correct consideration when looking for clinical consideration. The medicinal services area is comprised of private and open segment as indicated by the course book (Niles, 2011 ). People in general and private segment offer clinical types of assistance to kicking the bucket patients and different patients. The vast majority contend that the open area doesn't offer quality types of assistance to patients. This is a result of open clinics depending on government assets to offer clinical types of assistance. This has constrained numerous individuals to look for clinical administrations from private medical clinics. In the wake of checking on the U. S. division of enumeration authority, 49. 9 million individuals in 2010 couldn't bear the cost of clinical administrations from the private medical clinics (obscure, 2011). This is because of increment in clinical expenses and absence of protection. Private clinics charge significant expenses for clinical administrations as they offer redid administrations. Numerous residents don't have medical coverage and this makes it difficult to get medicinal services administrations from the private clinics. Scientists contend that private emergency clinics are benefit arranged and they may not offer quality clinical types of assistance to patients (Moss amp; Dobson, 2006). This influences the nature of care offered to the patients. Our aim is to break down how nature of care is influenced by authoritative culture, structure, administration and social duty. Medicinal services associations, as different associations, are influenced by hierarchical culture and structure. The hierarchical culture and structure can influence the nature of care in the associations contrarily or emphatically. Likewise, the nature of care is additionally influenced by hierarchical administration and social obligation. Authoritative culture alludes to the convictions, qualities and mentalities of an association (Buchbinder amp; Shanks, 2007). It is likewise characterized as the assortment of standards and qualities shared by workers in the association. The qualities and convictions shared by the representatives control how they relate with one another and partners who are outside the association. Authoritative culture is basic in human services associations (Moss amp; Dobson, 2006). The human services associations have an allowance of faith based expectations, qualities and perspectives which workers share. Hierarchical culture influences authoritative execution like hierarchical adequacy. Poor authoritative culture makes it hard for social insurance associations to work successfully as proof according to its. This thus makes it hard to give quality consideration. Associations having poor or feeble culture influence the presentation of the workers in the association. Poor hierarchical culture prompts poor working conditions for all the representatives in the association. The poor authoritative culture prompts pressure and lower quality patient consideration. Specialists and medical attendants perform ineffectively in antagonistic working conditions. This prompts low quality of care as proof of execution at work and patient fulfillment scores. This is as indicated by an examination did to decide how hierarchical culture influences doctor’s execution and nature of execution. Most medicinal services associations don't have solid hierarchical culture and this has affected the presentation of the representatives. This has likewise influenced administration in the association and expanded clashes in the association (Moss amp; Dobson, 2006). The medicinal services associations have an allowance of faith based expectations, qualities and mentalities which workers share. Hierarchical culture influences authoritative execution like hierarchical viability. Poor authoritative culture makes it hard for social insurance associations to work viably. This thus makes it hard to give quality consideration. Associations having poor or feeble culture influence the exhibition of the workers in the association. Poor authoritative culture prompts poor working conditions for all the representatives in the association. The poor authoritative culture prompts pressure and lower quality patient consideration. Specialists and medical attendants perform ineffectively in unfavorable working conditions. This prompts low quality of care. This is as per an examination completed to decide how hierarchical culture influences doctor’s execution and nature of execution. Most social insurance associations don't have solid hierarchical culture and this has affected the exhibition of the representatives (Moss amp; Dobson, 2006). Aside from the authoritative culture, hierarchical structure influences the nature of care in social insurance associations. Associations are organized contrastingly relying upon their objectives. The structure of an association is significant as it decides how it functions and furthermore its exhibition. Hierarchical structure permits various substances in the association to be dispensed various jobs. Medicinal services associations have association structure. The authoritative structure influences how the social insurance associations complete their capacities. Huge associations think that its hard to give top notch care to patients. This is a direct result of their multifaceted nature and discontinuity of obligations in the wellbeing associations. The associations can't improve doctor and patient fulfillment. As the human services associations develop, the work in the association will in general become separated. Complex undertakings in the association are partitioned into little errands and every worker is appointed a particular assignment. Enormous human services associations think that its hard to characterize the duties of various workers in the association. The associations think that its hard to gauge the yield of every worker. This impacts the nature of care in the associations as the supervisors don't have the correct data to improve nature of care. Subsequently, kicking the bucket patients getting care from the medical clinics get poor administrations (Imhof amp; Kaskie, 2008). Moreover, correspondence is a significant issue in human services associations that have complex authoritative structures. Workers can't impart plainly and this prompts clashes. This frustrates representatives from giving quality consideration to patients (Imhof amp; Kaskie, 2008). Association administration likewise influences the nature of care. Authoritative administration alludes to initiative in human services associations. Numerous social insurance associations don't have great initiative. The associations don't have transformational authority. This makes it hard for supervisors to lead the workers. Poor initiative influences the exhibition of workers. This makes it hard to give quality consideration to patients (Imhof amp; Kaskie, 2008). Further, social insurance associations ought to assign HR in order to improve conveyance of human services in the association. The associations experience deficiency of medical attendants and specialists. The deficiency has influenced the nature of care in the organizations. Dispensing HR in social insurance association is indispensable as the medicinal services organizationâ â need enough laborers. This has influenced profitability and execution in social insurance associations (Morrison, 2010). There are moral issues that are attached to designation of assets. The allotment of assets ought to be financially savvy. Social insurance associations ought to have the option to apportion the constrained assets well in order to amplify the medical advantages for the network being served. Distributing assets ineffectively influences the populace being served. Allotting assets is an ethical issue. Individuals apportion assets that produce less advantages than the advantages that would have been delivered by assigning more assets. A great many people can't apportion assets well in order to address the issues of the network. Second, the assets ought to be assigned similarly. It is trouble to assign assets similarly and this influences the strength of the network (Morrison, 2010) . There are different procedures that can be utilized to change the structure, administration and culture in social insurance association. Additionally, the methodologies can be utilized to change social obligation. To start with, the social insurance association needs to change the association culture. It ought to distinguish the current hierarchical culture. This will enable the representatives to choose the hierarchical culture they need. After that they ought to build up the authoritative culture they need. They ought to likewise change their practices in order to build up the authoritative culture. Changing the authoritative structure will likewise help conquer the issue. The authoritative structure influences the way of life in the association. They should grasp hierarchical structure that advances quality consideration like a little association. They ought to likewise urge assorted variety preparing to help dispense with clashes and poor correspondence in the association (Morrison, 2010). The hierarchical administration can be changed. The social insurance associations should change their initiative style. They should em

Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper

Once there carried on a man who was talented with the intensity of taking a gander at a similar item in a wide range of designs here and there as a painter would take a gander at it, now and again as a naturalist, some of the time as a physicist, at different occasions as a writer and not one of those styles was shallow (Valley. 1958). With all the specialized advances from today, most craftsman and innovators are roused by this man. Leonardo exemplified the resurgence, living, see, and delivering workmanship and innovation that despite everything describes that time of discovery.When individuals consider Leonardo father Vinci, for the most part the primary thing that strikes a chord is The Dad Vinci Code with Tom Hanks. Be that as it may, in all actuality individuals would state he was one of the best masterful and logical men of the Italian Renaissance Age. â€Å"The Last Supper† and the â€Å"Mona Lisa† are among perhaps the best show-stopper. These craftsmanship pie ces were path in front of Dad Vine's time. Leonardo was a painter or craftsman as well as he was an innovator answerable for delivering structures going from early tanks and submarines to the progressive â€Å"flying machine. His examination and authority of a wide scope of controls, including model, reasoning, and building, made Leonardo a modestly of the soul of his age, and the representation of the term â€Å"Renaissance man. â€Å"(Ryan and Adagio, 2005) We could begin back when Dad Vinci first was destined to see the acumen of a splendid brain. April fifteenth, 1452 Leonardo was conceived in Vinci, Italy. Who knew on that day a newborn child would grow up to be known as the widespread virtuoso. He was raised by his dad Piper father Vinci, a legal official in Florence.At an early age Leonardo showed a significant masterful ability so when he was fifteen Leonardo moved to Florence, Italy, this is when is life begun to bloom, he was Andrea del Veronica's understudy. Overall wa s a notable craftsman for his time and started to appear and create Leonardo in painting and finishing models (Goldman. 1997). Leonardo remained working with Veronica's until he turned 25. He at that point proceeded onward and went through the following five years painting a wide range of works of art with various specialists. At the point when he arrived at the age of 30, he moved to Milan, Italy and turned into a court craftsman for Duke Alluding Oxfords.Becoming a court craftsman made Leonardo a Jack-of-all-exchanges. Not Just known or a craftsman, Leonardo additionally was an innovator; there are three modest little note pads that house an assortment of his works likewise called the Codex Forester, which are currently kept in the Victoria and Alberta Museum in London, England. They are accepted to have been composed somewhere in the range of 1495 and 1497 (Mills, 2008). First let me talk around one of his most acclaimed compositions, â€Å"Last Supper† he started to paint this piece in 1495 and this piece was appointed by the Duke for the community of Santa Maria dell Gracie.He attempted to finish this artistic creation as a painting on the divider utilizing oil-based paint, however lamentably the paint didn't hold fast to the divider and was a finished disappointment. Anyway this carries me to the astonishing artistic creation â€Å"The Mona Lisa†, this artwork speaks to style and unadulterated excellence. Leonardo chipped away at this artistic creation for a long time until 1506. In 1506 Dad Vinci surrendered take a shot at the â€Å"Mona Lisa† to be the aesthetic counsel to the city's French representative â€Å"Charles demise's† in line with King Louis XII of France . (Ryan and Adagio, 2005) In 1513 Leonardo left Milan and made a trip to Rome, Italy in line with Pope Leo X.Once he showed up he was given an extensive craftsmanship studio to finish a greater amount of his work. Father Vinci stayed in Rome for a long time, whil e there he finished just one significant piece and that was a progression of drawings which were titled â€Å"The Deluge†. Later on in 1517, King Francis I asked Leonardo to France and was going to make him the regal painter, modeler, and repairman to the lord. He acknowledged and was given a compensation and a spot to live in the castle at Cloud. While he was there he turned into an instructor to various youthful motivating specialists to assist them with proceeding onward into their career.It was a pitiful day on the second of May 1 519, this is the day that Leonardo Dad Vinci left this world to come back to our wonderful dad in the sky. He was encircled by the rulers court in Cloud when he died. Leonardo will consistently be known for the incredible craftsman he was and instructor he has ingrained on a considerable lot of us. I think everybody has a tad bit of Leonardo in them whether it be painting or from developing to carpentry. At the point when individuals compose the y compose with their souls, I know when Leonardo painted it was from his heart.People knew Leonardo father Vinci as an incredible painter, yet my examination additionally found the a wide range of gifts this extraordinary man had. Being one of the top innovators on the planet he was answerable for a large number of the advancements that had happened during the renaissance time frame. He was as much a designer as a craftsman. In spite of the fact that he never fabricated a large number of the creations he structured, a portion of the things he imagined in the late backtalk are being used today, including helicopters and parachutes. Father Vinci was fixated on war, and he portrayed a heavily clad vehicle that could convey eight men inside and permit them to shoot weapons through gaps in its walls.He drew ND expounded on what we today call tanks over 400 years before they were first utilized in battle during World War l. (Award, 2010) Leonardo Dad Vinci is the key character that illumi nated the Renaissance with its exceptional ability. Other significant figures, for example, Francesco Did Giorgio, have left a rich heritage, particularly in engineering and apparatus plan. Presently when you close your eyes and picture a plane or even a fowl you could imagine yourself such that Leonardo Dad Vinci did when he thoroughly considered his developments.

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Music history - Free Essay Example

Introduction As much as music is a universal thing, it is so subjective and relative such that to one person it may be music but to another person it may not be. This therefore complicates the whole issue of the origin of music, which most people speculate to be from those early ages, yet they cannot specially say the dates. In the same way, music is a depiction of art, emotions, culture and ideology of a specific society at a certain period and the styles of music, the sounds and the instruments that accompany it keep on evolving as the society evolves. The basic element of music, which is indispensable when people are dancing, is rhythm. Therefore, a dance is always accompanied by a certain rhythm that most probably guides the dancers’ styles and speed of body movement. This therefore means that music and dance are great partners from the early history of human life. In the corner of everyday life, there lurks music of all forms. For instance, any blow on objects like shell whistle, reeds, and bamboos produce some moan. To some extent, the wind also does that when in high speed, producing some kind of rhythm. However, the most outstanding the human voice that has the ability to delightfully go up and down at his/her will. There are several periods of historical music and how it evolved as discussed below. Beginning with pre-historic music, the earliest form of music was majorly based on natural instruments that were readily available in those days like sticks, rocks, hones, reeds among others. These simplest forms of music are assumed to be used when the people were performing religious ceremonies like animal sacrifice and others. However, there is no writing or notations of such kind of music but it can only be extrapolated from the music of native Africans and red Indians in America who still perform such kind of religious practices and embrace those ancient songs. The evolution of instruments of music was very slow but steady in the early years. However, it is suggested that the voice of man was probably the first instrument of music when he wanted to imitate the nature’s rhythm or to get along with the ancient rituals. This was followed steadily by the clapping of hands or heating two objects together just to supplement the rhythm of the voice.   Ancient music is a name g iven to the music produced at the times when writing begun to develop among the humans. Therefore, the development of writing helped record musical practices and thus helping us know the invention of music notation system, and the record of the instruments of this period. The more elaborate form of early music can be traced to the civilization of the Greeks who drew much from the Egyptian and the Mesopotamian culture. Arguably, by the time of Greek’s emergence on the historical stage, these two ancient civilization had made several inventions of most musical instruments for families like strings, reeds, drums, flutes and brass. During this early period, music had basically two major roles in the society of man: entertainment and ceremony like social, religious or civic. The most popular instruments to the Greeks at this time were the aulos, which looked like a bow and the lyre, which looked like a harp. The view of Greek philosophers on music was that it was the harmony under lying the universe and some added an argument that music performance has an influence on the behavior of man. The knowledge of music in the bible if mostly referred to the culture and traditions of the Israelites. The music and religion Historian named Leckyer Herbert says that both vocal and instrumental music in the bible were cultivated among the Hebrews and it is evidenced in the writings of the bible. Therefore, the Old Testament is a revelation of the devotion of God’s people through the practice of music as it is held in the prophetic books of the bible. Even the prophets of the bible were themselves musicians like Miriam the prophetess took her tambourine during the Exodus and led the women in dance, song, and celebration for the Lord’s triumph over the Egyptians. King soul also comes to an encounter with prophets of the sanctuary who gave prophecies while accompanied by instruments. Additionally, the bible quotes Ezekiel the prophet as a person with a very beautiful voice played an instrument perfectly well. In the same way, King David performed religious music because he wrote the book of Psalms full of religious songs and messages that are sung up to date. The study of ancient biblical music has been majorly on the instruments of Israelites and Palestine. From the data of archeologists, it is clearly demonstrated that music was one of the basic things of life in the ancient Israeli community. This therefore means that even during the biblical times as it is recorded, music was used to communicate important messages apart from being used as a worship and entertainment. Moreover, it is during the Middle Ages that the tradition of western music begun due to the developments in the social and religious status in Europe. Due to the domination of the Catholic Church in this period, the most prevalent form of music was the sacred music. However, it was during the 12th century that organum music developed from sacred music and performed in Paris. There was a fluorescent of secular music by the French people and the period culminated until the genius western secular music was composed. The Christian church of this period derived their music styles and hymns from the already existing Jewish religion. In a certain time during the 9th century, the musicians’ theorists in the church tried a new style of music through experimentation when they simultaneously sang tow melodic lines in parallel intervals.   Music also went through an era known as the renaissance period. In the renaissance period of music, the vocal type was more preferred as compared to the instrumental music. The instrumental music was not commonly applicable and hence there was scarcity of instruments. The composers of the songs in this era were writing music with a great aim of giving a clear meaning of their emotions[footnoteRef:6]. Music hence helped to pass important information to the community as well as illustrating the moods. This is what made the music during this period to emotional. The emotional part of the music is brought out by the accompaniment of the moods in the song. The sound of the music was quite high in this era. This came as a result of the involvement of the bass register in the composing of the song. Music by this time was gaining popularity. The main reason as to why music was gaining such popularity is the emergence of the printing press which assisted in circulating the music copies after composing. The number of music composers increased and people were now being taught on music techniques. Music composers were now found in many plac es like churches, towns, and court. This assisted in the growth of the church choir. Due to the growth of music, the music composers had gained high status in the community and attracted a better pay for their work. One of the ages of music was the Baroque age which consisted mainly of music which expressed one mood throughout the entire piece of the song. The mood was easily noticed through the musical expressions and behaviors of the composer. The mood was expressed through musical language. The music could be accompanied by varying emotions but all the emotions were just circulating on one type of mood. The main reason for the maintenance of a single mood is the availability of continuity of rhythm through the entire piece of the song[footnoteRef:8]. The baroque music had the terraced dynamics, which were clearly seen when the dynamics were maintained for a while, and then a sudden change in them is done. The demand for music had now gone high again and the music composers were to write many new songs, as the listeners were not interested in listening to that old music. The court musicians were most valued and paid more than those from the church. People usually became musicians more than tho se from the church did. People usually became musicians mainly through inheritance and apprenticeship. Children were really trained on the methods of composing music. Before one could become a musician, he or she was to pass certain tests. The music also went ahead to another level known as the classical period. At this age, music differed with the Baroque age in that it was accompanied by different moods. The moods of the music could be changing in a slow and well-defined manner or even a sudden change depending on the composer. In order to engage the audience involvement, the music was accompanied by crescendo as well as decrescendo styles[footnoteRef:9]. The piano was now commonly used because of its ability to change dynamics easily. The composers of this era started making control of their composing rather than composing songs as per the expectations of the people. There emerged rich class of people who played a role in enlarging the music sector. Many people were now interested in their children being taught music lessons in the schools. [9:   Bennett, Dawn Elizabeth. Understanding the classical music profession: The past, the present and   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   strategies for the future. Ashga te Publishing, Ltd., 2013.] The other period of the music industry was romantic period. The romantic period was accompanied by different emotions of the different composers. Due to this reason every composer had a different and a unique style of performance. Being romantic, this kind of music was accompanied a lot of emotions. The music could usually be composed in two different styles. One of the styles is the nationalism. Nationalism saw the composers composing songs in the style of their homeland. The other style was the exoticism. This style was characterized by the composers composing songs to match foreign land[footnoteRef:10]. There mainly existed a type of music called the program music. This kind of music was composed to illustrate a certain event, story or a scene. One of the main program composers was Hector Berlioz. The composers used ranging dynamics which ran from pppp to ffff. The composers also introduced new instruments in their composing. One of the main instrument which was introduced was the piccolo. In this era, the composers ceased from being employed and started composing songs on their own base. Many homes were interested in music and purchased musical instruments mainly the piano. [10:   Kelly, Gary. English Fiction of the Romantic Period 1789-1830. Routledge, 2016. The music then went ahead to another step known as the twentieth century. In this era, the tone color was very crucial and many techniques were now applied. The composers of the songs used many percussive instruments. Some of these instruments which were used include the glissando as well as the down the scale. In this era, songs were composed with the exemption of the traditional tone system. The rhythmic patterns were expanded in this type of music[footnoteRef:11]. Different types of rhythms were combined in one song through the involvement of different sections of composers at a time. Music had now become very popular as a result of the available radio broadcasts, mass printing of music copies and recording. It was now easy for anyone to access music in an easy manner than before. It is in this era where women joined the music industry in large numbers. [11:   Landy, Frank J., and Jeffrey M. Conte. Work in the 21st Century, Binder Ready Version: An   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology. John Wiley Sons, 2016. In conclusion, music has actually grown from a minor level to where it is now. It has passed through very many different eras with each era carrying its own characteristics. The musical instruments are seen to be growing from each era to the next. The music industry seems to be growing every now and then. As the time goes by, many people are seen to be interested in music matters. The music was advancing in style and performance from time to time. At the moment, music is still growing and there is room for advancement as well. This is what indicate that music is yet to advance and we should expect better music performance styles in the future.

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How did Jim Crow Laws become something controversial - Free Essay Example

In the beginning of 1880s going into the 1960s, a majority of American states enforced segregation through â€Å"Jim Crow† laws, which were so called after character black in minstrel shows. From Delaware to California, and from North Dakota to Texas, many states (and other cities too) could impose legal punishments on people for consorting with members of another race. Before Jim crow laws there was an era of reconstruction, after that era in 1877 Jim crow laws began to be passed in the South. The laws were implemented by southern states and revolved around segregation. There was many types of laws that forbade certain things for the dark colored, but the most common types forbade intermarriage, ordered business owners and public institutions to keep their black and white clientele separated. Jim Crow was not an actual person but they were actually statutes and ordinances established between 1874 and 1975. What these laws do was that it separated the white and black races in the American south. There was a theory that said it was made to create â€Å"separate but equal†. While these laws were in action education was also segregated as were public facilities, such as hotels and restaurants †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Many people think that Jim Crow laws was something different than what is actually was. The Term â€Å"Jim Crow† originated from a black character in an old song and was also the name of a popular song back in 1820’s. In the beginning of 1880’s, the term â€Å"Jim Crow† was side usage as a reference to practices, laws or institutes that arise from or sanction, this was a physical separation of black people from white people. Here are a sampling of laws from various states in which â€Å"Jim Crow† laws took action. Many of these laws were required in some states such as Alabama. For example, Nurses: It was said that no person or corporation shall require any white female nurse to nurse in words or rooms in hospitals, either public or private, in which negro men are placed. Something else they were required in was Pool and Billiard Rooms. It was unlawful for a negro and white person to play together or company with each other at any game of pool or billiards. Someone who had a major impact on Jim Crow laws was Rosa Parks. After her actions things began to change and Jim Crow laws were challenged in a way.

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Movie Gravity Renews Debates about Hard Science Fiction

Relationship between science (or, rather, reality) and science fiction has always been turbulent. Some people (what is worth noting, not necessarily scientists) say that fiction should adhere to the scientific facts as closely and as faithfully as possible. Others think it to be unnecessary – after all, a science fiction book isn’t the same as a physics textbook, and has completely different purposes. If the writer needs something to be different from reality or simply cannot be bothered to investigate all the minute details before starting to write – why is he wrong? If readers feel pleasure reading him, what’s the problem? Movie Gravity was announced in the news as a new take on hard science fiction in cinematic industry. And it immediately showed that no matter how hard editors and directors strive to achieve this â€Å"hardness†, there will always be somebody who is able to find fault with their work. In this case, it was astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who, after praising the film for both its plot and adherence to scientific accuracy, still found some mistakes in its depiction of space. For example, Hubble telescope and a Chinese space station can never be visible from the same spot, debris and satellites orbit the Earth in the wrong direction, characters’ hair behave unrealistically in zero gravity and so on. Little mistakes which have no influence on the plot, but still mistakes. Some do it better, some do it worse. And while in literature there is a very strong subgenre of hard science fiction, striving to keep as close to reality as possible, in movies it is not so widespread. The reason is simple – directors often think that realistic depiction of science fiction will be uninteresting for the viewers. Another reason is the fact that some science fiction clichà ©s have already took such firm roots in people’s imagination that it is virtually impossible to fight them. For example, sound and fire in space – because space is vacuum, there cannot be sound and there is no oxygen to burn. However, if you try to show it in a movie, you first have to explain why it is so, and what you most likely get is accusations of trying to save on special effects. And it is quite likely that there is no need to eliminate these myths. If people like things the way they are, why try to change their picture of the world?